Toy-block is a good educational toy

Toy-block is a very good educational toy that can help children strengthen their observation, imagination, and creativity.

You may think this is business stunt to pull because it is very hard to measure how much children’s observation, imagination, and creativity can be strengthened.

Here is a real example. A little young boy learned how to make “sun” last year via Lasykids learning material. (Here is the sample photo)

a model for Lasykids toy blocks educational material


After he saw pin-wheels on the street, he used toy blocks to build a pin-wheel. (Here is the photo)


pin wheels
real pin wheels


pin wheel built by Lasykids Blocks
a toy pin wheel built by Lasykids Blocks


Imitating models of given examples is a starting point. Once children are familiar with toy blocks, they can use their observation, imagination, and creativity to make improvement on existing models and create new models.

So what else can this model be improved? How about windmill? Or, wind-mill generator and farris-wheel? Use your imagination and make your own models!


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